General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the accommodation business

Hostel Multitude, as at 1 May 2021

§1 Scope of application

These terms and conditions apply to all accommodation contracts for the rental of rooms or individual beds as well as all other deliveries and services provided to the guest by Hostel Multitude, Lützner Straße 7, 04177 Leipzig - hereinafter referred to as the "service provider".

§ 2 Conclusion of contract, securities, limitation period

2.1 By accepting a reservation made by the Guest, an accommodation contract is concluded with the Provider of Service. The Provider of Service shall be free to confirm the reservation in writing. If a third party has made a reservation on behalf of the Guest, he/she shall be liable to the Service Provider together with the Guest as joint and several debtors for all obligations arising from the Accommodation Contract, provided that the Hostel has received a corresponding declaration from the third party.

2.2 Within the framework of the reservation, the guest must state a binding arrival time. It is pointed out that an accommodation contract is concluded even if no arrival time is given.

The service provider is entitled to allocate booked rooms/beds to others after 18:00 on the day of arrival, unless a later arrival time has been expressly agreed.

2.3 Should the Guest remain in the room/bed beyond the agreed time, the Provider of Service hereby expressly objects to a continuation of the contractual relationship.

If the Party gives notice of its wish to extend the stay in due time, the Provider of Service may agree to the extension of the Accommodation Agreement. However, the service provider shall not be obliged to do so.

2.4 The service provider expressly reserves the right to decide whom it accepts as a guest. In particular, no accommodation contracts shall be concluded with representatives of the world views mentioned under point 5.3.

2.5 The resale or subletting and/or rebrokering of booked rooms/beds is prohibited. In particular, the subletting of rooms and/or beds and/or room and/or bed allotments to third parties at higher prices than the actual prices is not permitted. The assignment or sale of the claim against the service provider is also not permitted. In such cases, the Provider of Service shall be entitled to cancel the booking, in particular if the guest has provided untrue information to the third party regarding the type of booking or payment when assigning/selling. Use of the room/bed for any purpose other than accommodation is expressly prohibited.

2.6 Conclusion of contract with groups (from 10 persons)

In the case of closed groups, in particular clubs, school classes, seminar groups, etc. - hereinafter referred to as "group" - the service provider shall submit a written offer upon request and thereby bindingly offer all participants of the group the conclusion of an accommodation contract on the basis of these GTCs and the house rules.

In all other respects, the aforementioned points apply.

The board of directors, the class teacher, the leader, etc. - hereinafter referred to as "the group leader" - is the representative of all guests. He/she is authorised to receive all declarations of the service provider towards the participants or their legal representatives.

The accommodation contract shall be concluded by means of the written declaration of acceptance by the person responsible for the group vis-à-vis the service provider. Changes or additions to the declaration of acceptance compared to the offer of the service recipient shall only lead to the conclusion of the contract if the service recipient confirms this changed declaration of acceptance.

The group leader or the organisation on whose behalf he/she is acting shall be responsible for all obligations of the individual guests themselves, provided that he/she has assumed this obligation by express and separate declaration.

§ 3 Prices and terms of payment

3.1 The service recipient is obliged to pay the prices agreed for the provision of the room and the services used by him.

3.2 The prices include the applicable value added tax. Price changes are permissible if there are more than three months between the conclusion of the contract and the performance of the contract and the price for such services has increased at the service provider. The Recipient shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract if the price increase is more than 5%.

3.3 Invoices shall be paid immediately upon receipt. The service recipient shall be in default no later than 30 days after the due date. This only applies to a guest who is a consumer if this legal consequence was expressly pointed out in the invoice.

3.4 The Provider of Service shall be entitled to demand a reasonable security deposit upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter. In addition, interim invoices may be issued during the stay.

§ 4 Withdrawal of the Guest (cancellation), non-utilisation of the Provider's services

4.1 In the event of cancellation by the Guest, the latter shall, unless otherwise agreed in the individual contract, pay the Provider of Services a lump-sum compensation (cancellation fee) according to the following scale:

Individual reservations :
in case of cancellation up to 3 days before arrival: 5% of the agreed price
later cancellation or no-show: 100% of the agreed price

Group reservations (from 10 people):

Cancellation up to 21 days before arrival free of charge
Later cancellation or no-show: 100 % of the agreed price

These cancellation conditions also apply to online bookings, unless other conditions are expressly stated. The guest is free to prove that the flat-rate expenses were not incurred or not incurred in full.

4.2 The contract value is the gross price agreed in the accommodation contract. If higher deposits than the above cancellation fees have been agreed or made, these shall be deemed to be cancellation fees.

However, the service provider may hold the guest liable for cancellation/damages for additional services booked with third parties on behalf of the guest.

4.3 In the event of partial cancellation of the contract (e.g. reduced number of persons), the cancellation fee shall only be due for the affected part and scope of the contract. However, the service provider is entitled to apply the current standard conditions for the reduced service if the guest has been granted different benefits. One-time partial cancellations of up to 10% of the contract value shall be considered goodwill and shall be free of cancellation fees. 4.4 If the costs incurred by the Provider of Service due to the cancellation are demonstrably higher than the aforementioned flat-rate amount, this amount shall be owed by the Guest.

§ 5 Withdrawal of the service provider

5.1 Insofar as a right of withdrawal of the guest within a certain period has been agreed in writing, the service provider shall be entitled for his part to withdraw from the contract within this period if there are requests from other guests for the beds or rooms booked under the contract.

5.2 If an agreed advance payment is not made even after expiry of a reasonable grace period set by the Provider of Service, the Provider of Service shall also be entitled to withdraw from the contract.

5.3 Furthermore, the Provider of Service shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract for objectively justified reasons - for example, if force majeure or other circumstances for which the Provider of Service is not responsible make it impossible to fulfil the contract; if there is a breach of § 2 Para. 4 of these General Terms and Conditions; if rooms are booked with misleading or false statements of material facts - e.g. in the person and age of the Guest or the purpose. The Provider of Service has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of the hostel service may impair the smooth operation of the business, the safety or the public reputation of the Provider of Service, without this being attributable to the Provider of Service's sphere of control or organisation. This includes in particular, but is not limited to, bookings by/for:

Stag parties
Carrying animals of all kinds
Representatives of inhuman (racist, right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic, etc.) world views
Representatives of homophobic, transphobic and/or sexist world views

§ 6 Room provision, handover and return

6.1 The guest does not acquire any claim to the provision of specific rooms or beds. In particular, the guest does not acquire a claim to sole use of the common rooms.

6.2 Booked rooms or beds shall be available to the guest from 3:00 p.m. on the agreed day of arrival. The guest has no right to earlier availability.

6.3 On the agreed day of departure, the room must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. After this time, the service provider may charge 50% of the full list price for late vacating of the room until 3:00 p.m., and 100% from 5:00 p.m. onwards.

6.4 The service provider is entitled to charge damages for damage to the room, use not in accordance with the contract and separate cleaning expenses for unusual or wilful soiling.

6.5 Guests who cause damage to buildings and inventory through their own fault shall be liable for compensation within the framework of the statutory provisions.

§ 7 Liability of the service provider

7.1 The Provider of Service shall be liable for damages for which it is responsible arising from injury to life, body or health. Furthermore, the Provider of Service shall be liable for other damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Provider of Service as well as for damages based on an intentional or negligent breach of duties typical for the contract only up to the amount of the foreseeable damage.

damage. A breach of duty on the part of the service provider is equivalent to a breach of duty on the part of its legal representatives, employees or vicarious agents. Further claims for damages are excluded, unless otherwise provided for in these GTCs. In particular, claims by the guest for damages by third parties, claims for loss of profit and compensation for other financial losses or indirect and consequential damages are excluded.

Furthermore, the aforementioned limitations and exclusions of liability shall not apply to claims for compensation arising from damage to property if and to the extent that such damage is covered by a liability insurance policy of the Provider of Services.

7.2 The Service Provider shall not be liable for damage due to force majeure or natural forces.

7.3 Should disruptions or deficiencies occur in the services of the Provider of Service, the Provider of Service shall endeavour to remedy the same upon knowledge thereof or upon immediate complaint by the Guest. The Guest shall be obliged to contribute what is reasonable for him/her to remedy the disruption and to keep any possible damage to a minimum. In addition, the guest is obliged to inform the service provider in good time of the possibility of an extraordinarily high loss.

7.4 The guest is aware that a special feature of the hostel is that shared rooms are rented out, the guests share a key and thus persons other than the guest himself have access to the room.

§ 8 Data protection, handling of personal data

The personal data entered as part of the booking request, such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number, are encrypted and thus protected against access by unauthorised persons during transmission on the internet. The service provider uses a secure transmission procedure.

This data, the type and scope of which can be seen from the corresponding input mask of the online booking engine used, is collected, processed and used exclusively for the establishment, implementation and processing of the contractual relationship established with the reservation.

§ 9 Respect for privacy

When booking a bed in a shared room, the room and the key may be shared with unknown third parties. The guest must book a private room (shared room for sole use) if he/she does not agree to this.

During occupancy, the rooms are walked in daily between 12:00 and 15:00 by the staff to remove rubbish and - if possible - to sweep and mop the floor.

§ 10 Non-smoking in the hostel

Hostel Multitude is a non-smoking hostel. It is therefore forbidden to smoke in the public areas as well as in the guest rooms. The only exception is the backyard. In the event of a violation, the service provider has the right to demand an amount of EUR 50 from the guest as compensation for the cleaning costs to be incurred separately, including any loss of revenue from a rental that is not possible as a result. This amount of damages shall be set higher or lower if the Provider of Service proves a higher damage or the Guest proves a lower damage.

§ 11 Pets

Bringing animals of any kind is expressly prohibited. In the event of infringements, the service provider shall be entitled to cancel the booking in such cases. Exceptions are, however, guide dogs, deaf dogs and other comparable service dogs. These may be brought along free of charge and at any time.

§ 12 Further obligations of the guest

The guest is obliged to comply with the house rules. For this purpose, a laminated brochure with all essential information is available in every room. The guest shall exercise his or her rights in accordance with the house rules and with the utmost care for the substance of the accommodation premises. The guest undertakes not to use candles and mobile electric heaters in the building.

In the event of infringements, the Provider of Service shall be entitled in these cases to cancel the booking or to demand an amount of EUR 50 as compensation for the cleaning costs to be incurred separately, including any loss of revenue from a rental that is not possible as a result. This amount of compensation shall be set higher or lower if the Provider of Service proves a higher damage or the Guest proves a lower damage.

§ 13 Final provisions

13.1 Should any provision of these agreements become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provision, an appropriate provision shall be made which comes as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies to obvious loopholes in the contract.

13.2 German law shall apply.

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