What a beautiful place!

We still like to hear that. In fact, we think we've done a pretty good job of realizing our vision: To transform a dilapidated building in our favorite neighborhood into a place that feels like home, adventure and holidays.
Anyone who feels like it can join us with their stories, arts and craziness.
Our bar regularly hosts parties, exhibitions or other events such as the pub quiz that is popular throughout the neighbourhood - where our guests from near and far compete.
Our hostel can be much more than just a place to sleep - it's Multitude Hostel.
Of course, a place like this doesn't run itself, so we're supported by a great crew. We all enjoy accommodating and hosting you, whether behind the bar, at the reception or chatting in the garden.
Come and visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you!
Georg, Jonas & the whole team from Multitude
Due to the city's eventful history, many houses in Leipzig were still abandoned in 2014. The idea of transforming one of them into a hostel with a bar left us thrilled. We had just finished our studies and were excited to finally get started and create something new.It was especially important to us to preserve the vibe of the century old building. 
For three long years we cleared rubbish, moved walls, laid floors and built beds, always motivated by the dream of filling this house with life and memories. In October 2017, we finally changed roles and swapped shovel and hammer for beer and bedding. Since then, we have been passionate hosts and are happy to welcome you to be part of our story.

mul|ti|tu|de [mʊltɪtˈu:də]

1. quantity, multiplicity, diversity; "singularities acting together".

2. "But their [the multitude's] first motive for coming together is (...) a sort of natural sociability of men." (Cicero 54 BC)

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